Why a business needs a website

Having a business nowadays without online presence (a website) is like eating fried chicken without ketchup or gravy. A website enables a business to showcase its products and services to a bigger audience on the internet. Facebook and other social networking sites are all very
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important tools in advertising a business however the Business website is considered the home or source of those information being posted in social networks.

For example, Sulit and Myphone advertise their products on Facebook however these advertisements always have links to their websites. This is because Facebook does not normally host the articles and images of a product being advertised, instead it is being hosted on the business website doing the advertising. So if you are a business without a website, and you have limited knowledge in getting one, please drop us a message here or on Facebook and we will help you build your own website.


About jbriosos

Julius is an Electronics engineer by profession but has been in the IT industry for more than 10 years. Julius took up his Masters of Management in IT Management at the Letran Calamba campus and is currently working as an offshore consultant for a Canadian Financial Firm. He has more than 5 years of experience in Web hosting platforms including Plesk, WHM and Cpanel. He is also adept in DNS hosting, Email hosting (all based on Unix/Linux/Windows) and Content Delivery Network implementation which is now quickly becoming a global standard for Website optimization aside from SEO. For more details, please visit his LinkedIn profile
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