Inside the SHARP SH530u

SHARP SH530u uncovered

SHARP SH530u uncovered

Hi guys! As promised in my last post in the GSMarena forum, here is my review on the SHARP SH530u internals. I would not have been able to make this if my phone’s internal memory didn’t get corrupted.

The Sharp SH530u’s Phone memory structure is actually composed of a 4GB chip which was unconventionally partitioned to have 2GB phone memory and 2GB Internal memory. What makes this unconventional is that the Internal memory is just linked to the main memory and is an unsupported setup by many apps in the market which requires a lot of memory. I still have not found a way to map the Internal memory to the SD card as I’m afraid I would break the phone’s memory structure if I did it so I stuck with the original setup and installed the Link2SD but Link2SD requires 2 partitions on the SD card so the long story begins here. The phone was behaving erratically a few weeks before I ended up opening this phone as it suddenly showed the dreaded “Damaged SD card” message. Before I got this error, I remember installing the Lagfix App (fstrim) from Grilled monkey before this happened (damaged sd card). I also have this same problem with my ZTE phone which coincidentally, i have also installed with the Lagfix app. I don’t know if the App caused this but obviously, two devices failing after installing the same app is not an accident. I will have to make another review on the App after I’m done with this.

So how did I open up this thing? Honestly at first I was hesitant to open up my phone since there was only 1 screw located beside the dual sim slot and I had no idea how to open it up after removing the screw (so afraid to screw around :P). But anyways, I finally got the courage to do it so I started by trying to put my fingernails along the side of the phone hoping the cover would somehow show signs of giving way, and it did. Once I got a small opening along the side,  I immediately reached for my old-expired VISA debit card and used it as a wedge along the small opening. I slowly and carefully run the card along the opening to separate the cover from the LCD screen. The cover comes as a single piece and does not easily open up by prying. The card was an effective tool and I was able to get cover out in a few minutes (was soooo carefull not to break anything). The first thing I noticed after getting out the LCD screen which is attached to the main board and battery (actually to the entire innards of the phone) is that no SD card is in view. Sucks huh? Well, yes, and again I was hesitant to get to the main board but then I was already inside so I went ahead and removed the screws holding the main board and speaker to the LCD screen. The speaker module was somehow used as a holder/support to the bottom of the main board since the main board has a long thin strip lined to the bottom of the phone. Once I got the screws off, I had to carefully remove the connectors for the battery and the LCD to finally lift the main board from the entire assembly.

After separating the main board, at first I didn’t notice the sd card on the thin strip of the main board as I was looking at the main memory section of the board which is covered with the typical heat sink type cover. I removed to heat sink cover hoping to find the elusive sd card inside but I didnt find it.. I was beginning to think my phone was already doomed since I couldn’t find the sd card so I set the board down for awhile to think. Only then that I noticed the sd card neatly tucked along the side of the thin part of the main board. I got the card out and tested it on my other phone (the reliable Myphone A618tv duo) and presto, the memory card is dead. The sd card is an unbranded 16GB sdhc module (generic class 4 type) and I’m guessing this is one of the reasons why this phone is so laggy in terms of performance.

To cut the story short, I bought an Apacer 32gb Class I (is higher in class to the Class 10) SDHC module to replace the old 16gb class 4 module. Before putting it in, I deleted the partition on the sd card so I could repartition it inside the phone using the Aparted App from Sylka. By the way, my SH530u phone is already rooted (details can be found in the site) so I had no restrictions in partitioning the memory card. I set a 28GB primary partition and another 4GB to be used by the Link2SD app for caching apps out of the phone memory.

Presto! I now have a 36GB Sharp SH530u phone with Link2SD to support more apps.


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9 Responses to Inside the SHARP SH530u

  1. ayie says:

    great review kuya… keep it up… 😉

  2. mark says:

    boss gud eve can you post a video regarding how did you disassembled that phone thanks and God Bless.

    • jbriosos says:

      Hi mark, you only need to remove the 1 screw located at the sim slot then run a plastic card along the LCD and casing boundary. Just be careful in opening this since there is a probability of breaking your LCD just like what happened to me when I opened the phone the fourth time. 😛

      • Warren Salvador says:

        Please help me? i have a similar phone but the battery bloated. Where can i get a replacement battery? its been two months since i opened my sharp sh530u. thank you very much sir.

  3. Anonymous says:

    can you replace battery with different model

  4. jbriosos says:

    yup I actually replaced mine. But you have to retain the battery charging circuit from the old one and replace the circuit of the new battery.

    • Warren Salvador says:

      what battery was that? i lost my battery already. how can i find a replacement and where?

      • jbriosos says:

        it was a generic HK battery which you can buy from any cellphone accessory store. Look for one with 2000mAH or greater but make sure it fits your battery slot. You’ll have to disassemble the new battery to remove the original circuit and replace it with the original circuit from your old battery. Take note of the positive/negative terminals, reversing it will permanently damage your battery or even your unit. Using a battery with less than 2000mAH will not work, believe me, I tried.. 🙂

  5. Boss pwede ba 3000mAH pataas?
    kase kung magpapalit ndn ng battery ung maganda na dba .
    and sa nakita ko 4 ung copper ng hk battery (Sorry di ko alam tawag dun) . so ung 4 wires ba i hihinang nalang ba sa respective copper nya kung saan naka tapat ung wire?

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