How to protect your flashusb drive from autorun.inf malware

There are a lot of antivirus solutions out there and many of them are freely downloadable. No antivirus is 100% effective at preventing Malware attacks from USB devices, especially for people who are unwittingly excited to open USB devices from other people’s computer.


  1.  Have a good antivirus installed. AVAST is free and can be easily installed in a few minutes.   You may also try Kaspersky and Symantec but NEVER install more than 1 Antivirus Application on your computer. Having 2 or more Antivirus applications running will slow down your computer.
  2. Keep your Antivirus up-to-date. Having a good antivirus without updated virus signatures is useless. 
  3. Install a third party USB protection software such as Panda USB Vaccine. This application creates a protected file named autorun.inf (“Vaccinates your Drives”) in your computer and flash drives and does not allow it to be modified (Read-only) thus preventing most USB propapagated viruses from penetrating your Antivirus and your computer.  
  4. In the very remote case that you cannot download or even install an antivirus on your computer, you can try the following:
    • Go to START, Run for Windows XP, or START for Windows Vista/7/8
    • Type in command (for XP), cmd for (Vista/7/8), press ENTER
    • On the command prompt, type cd\ , press ENTER to go to the root prompt ( c:\> ) of your Drive ( in this case drive C ).
    • Type mkdir autorun.inf, press ENTER.
    • Type attrib +s +h +r autorun.inf , press ENTER, to make the folder a System file, Hidden and Read-only.
  5. Before using or opening files in your flash drive, make it a habit to SCAN your flash drive right after inserting it in your computer. Its as simple as opening your My Computer, right-clicking on the drive letter of your USB and clicking on SCAN (that is, if you have already installed your antivirus). 
  6. Lastly, avoid using your USB drives on public/untrusted computers. You’ll never know what viruses are waiting from other computers to infect your USB and your computers.

I hope this helps!

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  1. Nice information now i can protect my flash drive thanks

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