CDR-king sales – better or worst?

I have been an avid visitor and frequent buyer/fan of the popular cd-store turned electronics supermarket, CDRking. I am Amazed at the very wide variety of gadgets and gizmos they offer to the public, and now even includes electric bikes.

However, one thing that bebaffles is why this seemingly hightech gadget store is not even using a single bar code scanner or even a receipt printer for their sales??

My first experience with cdrking many years ago, maybe about 4 or 5 years ago has been generally pleasant, with their sales people all busy attending to prospective buyers, and I think they were getting more sales back then.

Years passed by and many more products came out of their shelves including cash registers, bar code scanners, receipt and transaction printers and even products labelers. But surprisingly, none of these are being used for their own products! Imagine buying a dozen items from their store and of course you need to wait for your number to be called (which I believe is unnecessary given their numerous sales ladies). Once your number is up, you have to be ready with the items you want to buy, otherwise, other buyers get queued too long and soon start to exit the store. Now of course you tell them all the items you want to buy and they get it for you and once you decide to buy them, they start to write down your long list of items you are buying on an invoice. Typically, a store with bar coded items would make the sale in less than 2 minutes, by scanning the items and printing your invoice. In this case, your items are painstakingly written by hand including the model no., amount and description of your items. Once the invoicing is done, you hand over the payment and the sales lady turns it over to the cashier. This entire process including your waiting time would range from 10 minutes to even an hour, which for me would be a total waste of time and loss of sales opportunity.

What I really don’t understand is why this has not improved over the years given the very fast movement of their products. I could imagine up to 100% or more boost in sales for this store if 1. They bar code their items, 2. They automate their invoicing, 3. They automate their inventory and 4. Make use of their manpower for more sales.

If they can adapt a supermarket approach for sales, they could become the most popular hightech store in the country, far outweighing their cost of operations with their income.

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