Facebook founder’s page hacked

In a news posted by Techcrunch last August 18, 2013, a new security bug on Facebook has been found which allowed a distant friend to post content on a Facebook user’s page without the owner’s consent despite having set the required security restrictions. Khalil found this bug and tried to communicate it wil Facebook security engineers however despite repeated tries, they were not able to reproduce the bug. Finally, Khalil decided to demonstrate the bug on Mark Zuckerberg’s page, and indeed, he made his point and caused the security team to contact him and scramble for a fix.

Poor Khalil, just because he didnt explain it well enough to FB security engineers on how to reproduce the bug he found, and made his point by posting on Mark Z’s page, he isn’t getting paid even a single cent. Bug reports like these are paid fortunes however since he broke the terms of agreement by posting on a user’s page without permission, he isn’t getting any. At least he is now given the credit of finding this bug before the FB security team did.

This is the original post from Techcrunch:


  • Lazada