How do I start my own website?

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You may be wondering, how in this age would someone be asking how to start their own website when everyone already seems to have one? Well in reality, a lot of people are aware of websites, facebook, twitter, and google but not many know how to have one. 

Sure you can build your page on Facebook, tweet your Facebook  page on Twitter and wait for LIKEs. But does this mean you already own a website? Of course not. Well, here are some steps you need to know to have your own website.

  1. Think of your business, then think of a name for your website. This will be your domain name. For example, if you have a business where you work from home, you can have as a website name. Domain names can have different extensions depending on your business or website. It can be a .com for commercial, .net for networks, .biz for businesses, .ph for Philippine websites, .gov for government website and many more.  Domain names can be registered for 1 year or more, depending on your preference and are renewed every end of its term which means you can pay for your domain for 1/2/3/4/5 years and never have to worry about it until it expires. 
  2. Once you are ready with your domain name, you can look for a suitable domain Registrar OR we will register your domain for you.
  3. Once your domain name is registered, we can go ahead with building your website. If you are a web developer / designer / enthusiast, chances are you are looking for free webhosting out there, and there are a lot of them providing FREE and feature rich webhosting. If you have no ideas on building your website, then you’re at the right place. We can build the site for you, customize it for you, run it for you and even manage it for your business. Web designs can vary from a simple 1 pager to a full menu-driven website with all the bells and whistles. Once you are satisfied with your new website design, launch it.
  4. Launching your website does not stop there, you can market your website on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and watch as your business takes on a new height.

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Julius is an Electronics engineer by profession but has been in the IT industry for more than 10 years. Julius took up his Masters of Management in IT Management at the Letran Calamba campus and is currently working as an offshore consultant for a Canadian Financial Firm. He has more than 5 years of experience in Web hosting platforms including Plesk, WHM and Cpanel. He is also adept in DNS hosting, Email hosting (all based on Unix/Linux/Windows) and Content Delivery Network implementation which is now quickly becoming a global standard for Website optimization aside from SEO. For more details, please visit his LinkedIn profile
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