Million People March against PDAF / Pork Barrel

Manila, Philippines, Aug. 26, 2013: Today, millions of Filipinos all over the country and all over the world are expected to voice out their position against the PORK BARREL FUND also known as the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), in a show of force at Luneta Grand Stand, Manila Philippines.  

The Port Barrel has been in the forefront of public scrutiny due to anomalous disbursements allegedly being perpetrated by the fund handlers themselves, the senators and congressmen receiving them.

Today, Filipinos all around will gather with the same voice, to abolish this Pork Barrel and restructure the use of the funds.

I personally support this historic event and would love to see this fund be put to good use and stop these politicians from using it as their source of income. We Filipinos have suffered long because of Institutionalized corruption and we deserve this chance to prove to the world that corruption in not longer an acceptable trend here in our country.  


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  1. workathomenow says:

    Pork barrel…. it’s a shame that top politicians have been feeding on our taxes to satisfy their personal interests..

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