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    A CDN (or Content Delivery Network) is basically similar to a webhost which stores your website files and delivers them to your visitors whenever your site is visited. The only difference is, your files are stored TEMPORARILY and with an expiry (or Cache Timeout). Once this cache timeout expires, your files are automatically refreshed from your website origin. What is website origin? Well, this is basically your website located in your webhosting server. CDN copies or caches files from your origin to the CDN edge servers ready for delivery.

    A CDN differs with a webhost in such a way that CDNs have several servers strategically located in different locations around the world with synchronized copies of your website. Once a visitor to your website requests for a page on your website, the nearest Edge server (is what you call the CDN servers serving your content) will respond with the requested files instead of delivering the content directly from your webhost. This way, files are delivered quickly to the visitor and easing the load on your webhosting server.

    NetDNA and MAXCDN are quickly becoming the most popular CDN in the planet with its wide variety of packages for differing client needs including Enterprise and Small/Medium Business websites. They have the best support team in the planet with 24/7 Email and Chat support.

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