Why governments do no want FREE Energy like HHO?

Our governments are clearly against any move to replace our current fossil-fuel sources with anything that is not fossil based. As an engineer and a frustrated scientist, I believe that this discrimination against free fuel is mere politics and as is there to prevent the breakdown of a fossil fuel based economy.

I have come up with the following reasons that is preventing governments worldwide from supporting the FREE fuel (water) based economy.

1. Water is FREE and is found everywhere and is therefore an unfavorable choice for governments unless they find a way to sell water from all sources.

2. Fossil fuel has generated the largest source of revenue for governments and enterprises and are not ready to let such a loss happen. Government has subsidies in all power generating firms using fossil fuel and a drastic change would put the entire economy in turmoil.

3. Politicians all over the world will lose income from lobbying for fossil fuel magnates. period

4. A large number of industries rely on fossil-based fuel for production and operation. A replacement fuel would mean large losses and huge investments to usher in the replacement technology.

However, i am quite optimistic that some governments will soon realize the potentials of a water based fuel. Water is abuntant in all parts of the world and is virtually FREE and unlimited. They should be able to find ways to slowly but surely integrate this alternative fuel into the economy while helping build a stronger economy.

What we need, especially our local scientists, is a little help to push projects forward. Projects that benefit the people, our economy, and the environment. We need people who have ideas that improve our lives and also promote good vibes.

What we don’t need are people who constantly put negative thinking into practice, with a lot of bullcrap talk that only benefit their chosen benefactors and themselves.

The ultimate question is, when will our government stop thinking about their own benefits and start thinking for the benefit of our people?


Xiaomi Mi3 beats iPhone 5s and Samsung S4 specs!

Xiaomi Mi3

The smartphone market has made a lot of noise lately and the most notable of them is Xiaomi’s release of their flagship phone, the Mi3. This phone was originally intended to compete with the iPhone 5s flagship of Apple and did so at an astounding rate. Its specs has also left the Samsung Galaxy S4 behind. It has saturated the China high-end smartphone phone market and left Apple and Samsung catching up to its dust. Aside from the remarkable specs which is sure to amaze you, the phone comes at an amazing prize at a fraction of the price of the leading flagship phones out there. At under $300 US, this phone (Mi3) is sure to leave a permanent dent in the market share of Apple and Samsung given its affordable price and amazing specs.

Below are the specs of the Xiaomi Mi3:

  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat optimized with MIUI v5
  • Quad-Core 2.3 GHz
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800AB
  • 2GB RAM / 16GB Flash Memory
  • 5-Inch Full HD 1080P IPS Display
  • 3050mAh Lithium-Ion Internal Battery
  • 13MP Rear Camera w/ Dual-LED Flash
  • 2MP Front Camera

The phone has been launched here in the Philippines by Lazada at only Php 10,599 or around $ 235 US.


Amazing HeyU App from PLDT

Just phoned my home landline (Tuguegarao) from my HeyU app. The call quality was amazing and there was no drops. This is even much better than calling from a mobile phone to a landline. I was using a mobile phone anyway but the call was from the HeyU app so it was technically a VOIP call. I do hope the call quality stays the same as more and more users sign up for HeyU which is, by the way, packaged with their DSL accounts.

Enjoy the best-value heyÜ call rates ever.

  • FREE heyÃœ to heyÃœ calls
  • FREE PLDT landline calls nationwide
  • As low as P1.50/min. IDD calls to U.S.A. Mainland, Canada & Hawaii
  • P5/min to SMART, Talk ‘N Text, & Sun


HeyU is an app developed for PLDT by Voyager Innovations Inc and is distributed via the PLDT HeyU webpage and via Google Play.

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Inside the SHARP SH530u

SHARP SH530u uncovered

SHARP SH530u uncovered

Hi guys! As promised in my last post in the GSMarena forum, here is my review on the SHARP SH530u internals. I would not have been able to make this if my phone’s internal memory didn’t get corrupted.

The Sharp SH530u’s Phone memory structure is actually composed of a 4GB chip which was unconventionally partitioned to have 2GB phone memory and 2GB Internal memory. What makes this unconventional is that the Internal memory is just linked to the main memory and is an unsupported setup by many apps in the market which requires a lot of memory. I still have not found a way to map the Internal memory to the SD card as I’m afraid I would break the phone’s memory structure if I did it so I stuck with the original setup and installed the Link2SD but Link2SD requires 2 partitions on the SD card so the long story begins here. Continue reading


How do I start my own website?


Free and Paid Hosting

You may be wondering, how in this age would someone be asking how to start their own website when everyone already seems to have one? Well in reality, a lot of people are aware of websites, facebook, twitter, and google but not many know how to have one.  Continue reading


Facebook founder’s page hacked

In a news posted by Techcrunch last August 18, 2013, a new security bug on Facebook has been found which allowed a distant friend to post content on a Facebook user’s page without the owner’s consent despite having set the required security restrictions. Khalil found this bug and tried to communicate it wil Facebook security engineers however despite repeated tries, they were not able to reproduce the bug. Finally, Khalil decided to demonstrate the bug on Mark Zuckerberg’s page, and indeed, he made his point and caused the security team to contact him and scramble for a fix.

Poor Khalil, just because he didnt explain it well enough to FB security engineers on how to reproduce the bug he found, and made his point by posting on Mark Z’s page, he isn’t getting paid even a single cent. Bug reports like these are paid fortunes however since he broke the terms of agreement by posting on a user’s page without permission, he isn’t getting any. At least he is now given the credit of finding this bug before the FB security team did.

This is the original post from Techcrunch:



How to protect your flashusb drive from autorun.inf malware

There are a lot of antivirus solutions out there and many of them are freely downloadable. No antivirus is 100% effective at preventing Malware attacks from USB devices, especially for people who are unwittingly excited to open USB devices from other people’s computer.


  1.  Have a good antivirus installed. AVAST is free and can be easily installed in a few minutes.   Continue reading
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