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Julius is an Electronics engineer by profession but has been in the IT industry for more than 10 years. Julius took up his Masters of Management in IT Management at the Letran Calamba campus and is currently working as an offshore consultant for a Canadian Financial Firm. He has more than 5 years of experience in Web hosting platforms including Plesk, WHM and Cpanel. He is also adept in DNS hosting, Email hosting (all based on Unix/Linux/Windows) and Content Delivery Network implementation which is now quickly becoming a global standard for Website optimization aside from SEO. For more details, please visit his LinkedIn profile

Amazing HeyU App from PLDT

Just phoned my home landline (Tuguegarao) from my HeyU app. The call quality was amazing and there was no drops. This is even much better than calling from a mobile phone to a landline. I was using a mobile phone anyway but the call was from the HeyU app so it was technically a VOIP call. I do hope the call quality stays the same as more and more users sign up for HeyU which is, by the way, packaged with their DSL accounts.

Enjoy the best-value heyÜ call rates ever.

  • FREE heyÃœ to heyÃœ calls
  • FREE PLDT landline calls nationwide
  • As low as P1.50/min. IDD calls to U.S.A. Mainland, Canada & Hawaii
  • P5/min to SMART, Talk ‘N Text, & Sun


HeyU is an app developed for PLDT by Voyager Innovations Inc and is distributed via the PLDT HeyU webpage and via Google Play.

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Why is Google restricting Keyword Search Page ranking?

Yes, that is my question, why is Google restricting Keyword page ranking to paid google users only? Just imagine this, out of 31 million search results, your website turns out to be on the top 1-2 places but your google page rank is 0 (zero). That sounds to be pretty unfair, but hey, that’s how they work. You can boast all you want that your keyword is at the top of every search listing but they won’t give you that page ranking that your site needs to get all the attention that you want.

Just check this keyword on Google search and see for yourself:  workathomenow

Workathomenow tops Google search of 31 million results

Convinced? Now look at its page ranking on Google if it even gets a 0.1.. No! Because i’m not paying them to give me a page ranking. I was thinking of getting the Adwords campaign but I think there should still be a way to monetize my keyword without even spending a single dime on Google Adwords. Work at Home Now has been searched 31 million times and my website turns out on Top so I think that should be a good indication that I can make a decent fortune on monetizing that keyword and website. Workathomenow or Work at Home Now has been my baby since 2009 and i’m not giving up now. It’s hard to get that Top 1 over a million listing of website, how much more when you get the Top 1 for 31 million?

Just one thought… How do I get this thing going? ๐Ÿ˜›

Would love to hear your inputs on this and I would love to share the fortune ๐Ÿ˜›

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Workathomenow Keyword now Tops Google search of 31 million results

It’s flattering to know that the keyword “workathomenow” is at the top of the search list on Google out of 31,700,000 results. Thanks to the reliable web hosting experience from iConnecKita.com. Though it’s sad to say that Google Page rank does not consider this a good indicator for their page ranking algorithm. Topping a 31 million results to me is a good, if not an excellent indicator that a keyword is doing good. Although technically I don’t have a good understanding at how Google page ranking does its “ranking”, I’m sure in one way or another, this gives me an advantage to monetize this keyword.

Workathomenow tops Google search of 31 million results

Get a Real Online Job!


Get paid Online

This is for those who fall for easy money on the internet. Easy money is just that, easy….. WRONG!! It’s easy to fall for it, YES. You pay and you get paid…. REALLY? Yes, you pay just to get paid… LOL! It defeats the purpose of you looking for an online opportunity that earns you income.. Instead, people behind them earn, while you are there paying them some money and recruiting other “suckers” to pay them money just so you get to “earn”.

Beware of Get-Rich-Quick schemes on the internet! You pay just to earn extra income?? That is totally absurd!

Get a life, go get a real ONLINE JOB working from home that is sustainable, upgradeable, and most importantly, a negotiable business. Most “Online” jobs that promise earnings just by sharing their links and sharing on social networks is NOT sustainable. They get you to pay a certain amount of money, promising to get you paid if you share and recruit. Imagine, what if in two weeks, all people just stopped recruiting and paying for those so-called “jobs”? What happens to your income? You’ve been SUCKED! If you have a real online job, you get to earn at your own pace, learn while you earn and get paid “REAL” money.

Get an Odesk job now! It’s your Office at Home job!


Inside the SHARP SH530u

SHARP SH530u uncovered

SHARP SH530u uncovered

Hi guys! As promised in my last post in the GSMarena forum, here is my review on the SHARP SH530u internals. I would not have been able to make this if my phone’s internal memory didn’t get corrupted.

The Sharp SH530u’s Phone memory structure is actually composed of a 4GB chip which was unconventionally partitioned to have 2GB phone memory and 2GB Internal memory. What makes this unconventional is that the Internal memory is just linked to the main memory and is an unsupported setup by many apps in the market which requires a lot of memory. I still have not found a way to map the Internal memory to the SD card as I’m afraid I would break the phone’s memory structure if I did it so I stuck with the original setup and installed the Link2SD but Link2SD requires 2 partitions on the SD card so the long story begins here. Continue reading


Million People March against PDAF / Pork Barrel

Manila, Philippines, Aug. 26, 2013: Today, millions of Filipinos all over the country and all over the world are expected to voice out their position against the PORK BARREL FUND also known as the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), in a show of force at Luneta Grand Stand, Manila Philippines.   Continue reading


How do I start my own website?


Free and Paid Hosting

You may be wondering, how in this age would someone be asking how to start their own website when everyone already seems to have one? Well in reality, a lot of people are aware of websites, facebook, twitter, and google but not many know how to have one.  Continue reading


Facebook founder’s page hacked

In a news posted by Techcrunch last August 18, 2013, a new security bug on Facebook has been found which allowed a distant friend to post content on a Facebook user’s page without the owner’s consent despite having set the required security restrictions. Khalil found this bug and tried to communicate it wil Facebook security engineers however despite repeated tries, they were not able to reproduce the bug. Finally, Khalil decided to demonstrate the bug on Mark Zuckerberg’s page, and indeed, he made his point and caused the security team to contact him and scramble for a fix.

Poor Khalil, just because he didnt explain it well enough to FB security engineers on how to reproduce the bug he found, and made his point by posting on Mark Z’s page, he isn’t getting paid even a single cent. Bug reports like these are paid fortunes however since he broke the terms of agreement by posting on a user’s page without permission, he isn’t getting any. At least he is now given the credit of finding this bug before the FB security team did.

This is the original post from Techcrunch:


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