How to protect your flashusb drive from autorun.inf malware

There are a lot of antivirus solutions out there and many of them are freely downloadable. No antivirus is 100% effective at preventing Malware attacks from USB devices, especially for people who are unwittingly excited to open USB devices from other people’s computer.


  1.  Have a good antivirus installed. AVAST is free and can be easily installed in a few minutes.   Continue reading

How to speed up your site with NetDNA or MaxCDN?

Nowadays, speed is everything when it comes to websites. You can have a great looking website for all you know but if it loads like a snail, good luck with your visitor’s first impression.

Fortunately, NetDNA and MaxCDN are here to help you do just that. Speeding up a website is not just making your images smaller, optimizing script etc. It is also about geographically distributing your content so it can reach your audience faster. How?

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